Contender’s Tree & Lawn Specialist’s is proud to announce that we are the first Michigan company to provide an alternative solution to Round-Up (Glyphosate).

For all properties where clients sign up to have their landscape beds treated for weeds we will now be using an 100% organic weed control product that performs exactly as it should.

It’s very exciting to know that an organic solution can be utilized that matches the same effectiveness of Round-Up and after having testing it in 2019 we have the confidence and full trust in this product to meet your needs.

We understand the emotional feelings tied to Glyphosate considering all the negative news it has received and even though we ourselves have never used it improperly according to label we had never had problems associated with its use.

DNA testing is rapidly revealing so many issues that point to a person’s genetic susceptibilities where any particular product in its molecular form could pose a risk to certain individuals based on their DNA.

And because DNA research is a fascinating avenue where science is now able to read the tea leaves like never before it will unlikely replace traditional pesticide testing for direct links to carcinogenic properties.

There’s no doubt that it will certainly change how risks are communicated since no one could ever know specific molecules or classes of molecules have the ability to trigger a person’s health condition.

So, it’s because of DNA research that we as a society know more today about how products could test negatively for cancer but be labeled as a trigger propelling cancers to become active.

Contender’s Tree & Lawn is committed to always doing the right thing. Because of this we have chosen to take the high road diligently seeking alternatives that are 100% organic.

It is not in our best interest to defend the safety of a product even though we feel we believe from a legal standpoint that it is deemed a negligible risk when used according to label directions by our staff for clients and their pets.

By pivoting to a solution we could trust we have just solved countless hours justifying the status quo and demonstrating in the same breath that we truly care about how we impact the community and the environment.

At Contender’s Tree & Lawn Specialist’s, we do not take our responsibility lightly. We use preferred injection methods for strong pesticides eliminating any risk of exposure while at the same time using fertilizer products that rank very high on organic content.

Control of Nutsedges, Horse Tail and Thistles can all be accomplished without Gylphosate.

Situations that rely on pesticides will be handled for specific needs using methods that are minimalistic to prevent an economic cost of not controlling the problems.

Understanding this it is important to clarify that our bed weed program would still include a chemically based pre-emergent designed to only block seed germination in the early spring time but then from that point forward through the summer and fall months we would employ the organic product only.

This product being used will remain a trade secret at this time of our announcement however the active ingredients will be detailed when performing the service.

Landscape weeds can be horrific when conditions are causing rapid growth and quite frankly there are many types of weeds that want to be pulled so they can multiply.

Invasive weed species tend to be the types of landscape weeds that blow in from surrounding areas that even chemical controls have a hard go at eliminating them such as morning glory however the organic product we are using controls it where Glyphosate doesn’t even touch it.