The dangers of having moles in your yard

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Having moles in your yard can be a big problem for a property owner. If left untreated, moles can spread quickly throughout the lawn and cause a lot of damage.

Moles can destroy your yard quickly, so that’s why it’s so important to control the situation before it becomes a bigger problem.

If you think your lawn has a mole infestation, you need to take action quickly.

The dangers of having moles in your yard

The Dangers Moles Create

Moles can dig holes and create tunnels in your lawn. No one wants to see mole holes in a brand new lawn.

Moles in a yard can create problems including:

  • The pooling of water in the yard
  • The weakening of structure to the ground
  • Destroy the roots of plants
  • Damage a building’s foundation
  • Make it easy for mice and rats to invade your property
  • People may get injured if they fall in their holes

Moles can cause a lot of damage to your property, which is why it’s so important for you to control and prevent moles in your lawn.

Signs of Moles in the Lawn

First of all, you need to identify that you do indeed have moles in your yard. The question is – how do you know for sure if you have moles?

Here are the signs that your lawn has moles:

Do you see holes in the lawn?

Property owners, who are having problems with moles, usually see or feel raised tunnels in their lawn. These tunnels can be both feeding locations and access points to and from their home.

Have you noticed hills or lumps of dirt in your yard?

Moles can also create lumps of dirt as well as hills in the garden. This usually happens when moles infest a yard and begin to create tunnels.

Do weeds grow faster in your garden?

If moles infest a yard, they lift the grass where mowers then scalp causing ideal conditions for weeds to grow. That’s why people usually see an increase in weeds.

Have you found surface tunnels in your garden?  

Moles create tunnels beneath the surface when nesting and feeding. They use tunnels as passageways to travel in search of food. If surface tunnels have recently appeared in your yard during the spring then you most likely have a home on or very near to your property. If the tunnels show up in the summer of fall then they have vacated a previous residence seeking a better place to scavenge for food and will set up a home to breed in the late winter to early springtime when they produce 3-5 young.

Do you see dying grass and plants in your yard? 

Moles dig tunnels in the ground and these tunnels hurt the roots of plants. That’s why grass, plants, and trees in your yard may begin to die due to moles in the lawn however in your landscape beds you might have Chipmunks instead of moles causing the damage. The key difference is that moles do not like to leave gapping holes visible but chipmunks will go in and out constantly.

How to get rid of moles in your yard

Once you’ve noticed the signs of an infestation, you should contact mole exterminators near you as soon as possible. Bear in mind that things may get worse if you don’t ask professionals for help in time.

– Inspection. It all begins with an inspection. Initially, mole control professionals will inspect your property and analyze the situation.

It’s worth noting that the success of mole treatment depends a lot on the inspection. You’ll manage to get rid of moles in the lawn only if the inspection is performed correctly by a professional.

When doing an inspection, specialists will look for signs of moles. Once identified, experts will analyze the scope of the problem.

Oftentimes, many of the signs will be invisible. Using the special equipment, mole removal experts will be able to find moles in the hidden areas of your property quickly.

– Consultation. The next stage of controlling moles in the lawn is the consultation with an expert. There are so many mole removal methods available today. Mole control professionals will advise you on a treatment plan that works well in your particular situation.

– Treatment. Fully equipped and highly trained mole control experts will resolve the problem and remove moles in your lawn for good.

The mole removal process involves the following:

  • Identifying the areas affected by moles
  • Installing traps near mole tunnels
  • Preventing moles in the lawn

The first step specialists will typically take are to set traps to block all of the entrances and exits in the tunnels. By doing so, professionals will be able to catch moles in your yard quickly and successfully.

It’s important to note that traps for catching moles come with alerts. So, a trapping device will produce an alarm signal when moles have been captured.

Lastly, they will treat mole channels and do ongoing monitoring. This will help you prevent moles from coming back to your property.

Why You Need Professional Help 

Unfortunately, some people believe that mole removal is an easy task. This is not the truth. Oftentimes, attempts to get rid of moles in the lawn fail.

Identifying and treating moles in the lawn can be hard particularly if you have never done this before. So, most likely that you’ll face a lot of challenges if you decide to get rid of moles in the lawn by yourself.

When trying to get rid of moles in the garden on your own, you can damage the lawn as well as other areas in your garden.

Identifying, treating, and monitoring moles in the lawn are a time-consuming process. So, you must be prepared that controlling moles will take time.

Mole removal professionals have all the necessary knowledge, skills, experience as well as products and equipment to be able to do a great job for you and keep moles out of your lawn.

Do you need professional mole removal help? Contact us today! Contender’s Tree & Lawn Specialists are always ready to help you get rid of moles in the lawn once and for all!