Tree & Shrub Growth Regulator Services

Keep tree & hedge maintenance costs under control

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Tree & Shrub Growth Regulator Services

Keep tree & hedge maintenance costs under control

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Build Strength & Reduce Maintenance

Growth regulators can be applied to help in various situations. Reducing branch elongation creates tighter, thicker branching, making plants stronger and more capable to withstand ice storms and wind shearing. Due to slowed growth, your wallet will enjoy fewer trimming and maintenance appointments.

Tree Growth Regulators

Growth Regulators for Trees

Slowing tree growth by 33% each year during a 3-year period works well for trees that are reaching their desired stage of development while also reducing expensive trimming costs.

Shrub Growth Regulators

Growth Regulators for Shrubs

Hiring a Professional Landscaper or Gardener to trim your shrubs can be very expensive. We can save you hundreds and keep your property looking cleaner for a longer time between trimming. For Yews and Boxwoods, we recommend a spring trimming to keep them clean and sharp, so the spring application of growth regulators made to your hedges will slow growth for 3-6 months, reducing labor time for the second trimming later in the summer. We want shrubs to flush healthy spring growth – yet it is important to keep maintenance costs under control by reducing the dollar per hour you are being charged by full service landscape companies to trim hedges 2-3 times a year.

Growth regulating services we offer

Air-Spading /

We can alleviate soil problems by loosening compacted soils through air-spading and/or verti-mulching. This intensive procedure can be performed without ricking any damage to underground sprinkler lines, power and landscape lighting wires. For those with recent construction or simply trees that have girdling roots which need to be extracted and removed we are experts at improving tree health within complex situations.

Cabling and Bracing

Using the latest advanced technologies, we are capable of securing important trees in the best manner with the least follow up. Don’t just hire your lawn mowing service to wrap a cable through a piece of hose. Call us to demonstrate a healthier approach to cabling & bracing.

Ornamental Pruning

Any one can trim flowering and decorative trees however the knowledge and expertise of making the right cuts can affect future growth and the cost to fix problems can be far worse than the initial cost of paying someone 25% more to trim correctly. Bad pruning practices will lead to excessive growth in the wrong places thus could take years to correct the tree’s intended design and form.

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