Strategic Lawn Fungicide Application

At Contender’s, we offer an array of services to keep your lawn healthy including the ability to control turfgrass diseases through lawn fungicide treatments. While other companies may just apply lawn fungicides in a general, one-size-fits-all manner, our lawn experts analyze the grass type along with the specific environment contributing to disease before recommending a customized solution that includes irrigation adjustments, over-seeding practices and strategic fungicide applications when it’s deemed most important.

Our 3-step approach for combating lawn disease

1. Investigate

Ideally, our first objective is to solve the stresses that are causing diseases to occur by recommending corrective irrigation regimens that will help reduce the incidence of disease.

2. Fortify

We also recommend overseeding with stronger turfgrass cultivars as a way to promote the best grass type for the site-specific conditions of your property.

3. Customize

Only when all cultural practices have been exhausted, we then rely on unique fungicide formulations to control fungus activity, ensuring the turf has the best opportunity to recover before incurring major damage and expenses.

Diagnose and treat the diseases damaging your lawn

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