National vs. Local Tree Care Companies

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National or local tree care?

tree care companyWe all know that trees are the most valuable assets in the landscape. Trees can provide so many advantages along with the beauty, shade and a several social, economic and environmental benefits.

For this, trees need expert care and time. There are so many landscape and tree health conferences in the world where you can get the idea of tree planting, care and proper cutting. The latest Universities have organized these conferences.

Apart from the time-taking tree and landscape care, pesticide safety is also very much important including bees, butterflies and all.

It all comes down to the training and support. Inquire about the last conference they attended and hope for really detailed answers.

Landscape and plant health care conferences have excellent guest speakers from many big name Universities, and the topics being presented usually dive into the latest research projects that can sometimes be controversial. For example, pesticide safety with bees, butterflies and pets.

Understanding the science helps train professionalism, so they can implement the best practices without finding themselves in circumstances where they simply believe more products are better.

Question and answer sessions help them relate what they are learning to cases they have dealt with and they leave with a new set of challenges that raises the bar throughout a tradition of care-taking since the 1400’s.

What are you actually paying for when hiring a tree care company that manages plant health? It’s not necessarily time alone. What an expert can do proficiently at each visit may be far more productive than others who have to spend 50% more time on site spraying plants they shouldn’t be spraying at all.

The biggest error that some tree care companies can make involves killing more beneficial insect than those that are causing plant damage.

A company like us, who has multiple tanks with specific mixes designed to go after targeted problems in a timely manner, is key.

A good example is using systemic insecticides and fungicides, which promote longer control periods, thereby reducing the frequency of visits required.

It could actually cost you as a homeowner more to have a problem treated every 2 weeks, compared to another who demonstrates they have a solution that only requires 2 actual visits performed at the right time.

Although no tree care company can be perfect because mother nature chooses how to throw curve balls at us, we can say that a very good Certified Arborist should be able to communicate effectively why there are challenges, and what approach needs to be taken to adjust to the challenges.

We are not God, therefore can’t prevent everything from happening, but just remember the 30 minutes we spend on your property took 10-15 years of training to master.

Don’t pay that other company for 30 minutes of spraying every single plant and think they were better!

Some other things to consider when looking for a certified arborist are:

Are they trained professionals

A proper tree care professional is very much needed in case of perfect pruning and maintenance of trees. The professional must know the science and technique of cutting, pruning and caring. If you really want to hire a professional arborist, then you need to avoid the door-to-door business policies.

The proper pruning technology can help you to shape up your trees and increase the beauty of your landscape. The perfect professionals do not cut more than 25% of branches and limbs. The professional arborist can give you a first-hand statement, costing and working details.

They can also show their license, certification and insurance as well. So, before hiring a professional, you need to take a written statement from them.

Verify the company is insured, experienced and accept any liability

Tree care jobs are most intricate works in the world. You should not hire the poorly implemented tree workers for your purpose. It can be dangerous as well.

Many types of accidents may occur due to the cutting time including electrocuted in the power lines, fall from the branches or cut with the saws.

So, you need to hire the tree service and ask for their certificates, license as well. You should also ask for proof details about the personal and property damage and worker’s compensation as well. After getting the details, you will have to check the validity of the license and all.

The biggest mistake is done by tree care companies

Actually, there are no perfect arborists available in the market. But a professional and experienced arborist can solve your whole problem of cutting and pruning and give you enough good idea regarding this.

The certified arborist can communicate with you with perfect examples. They can help you to meet the challenges as well. Timing is very much important. Bad timing can ruin the whole story.

Your arborist should know the good and bad timing of trimming. Apart from this, improper cutting can also harm your trees and property.

You should also care about the pruning percentage. A professional arborist does not prune the trees more than 15% to 20%. Over pruning and trimming can also affect the growth of the tree and also affect the beauty of your landscape.

Experience is also a big matter in this case. You should hire the professional as per their years of experience.

Difference between local and national tree care companies

There is a huge difference between local and national tree care companies. Arboriculture is a very complicated job.

They have enough knowledge of horticulture. But a local arborist can give you a little option according to their knowledge. In comparison with that, a national arborist can give you so many options with lots of facilities.

A reputed tree care company can give you perfect work and reasonable ideas as well. Landscaping and arboriculture are both sensitive works. It is better for a homeowner if they can both work together.

They can manage the nuances as well. Working together can also enhance safety issues.

They can take effective measures using systematic cutting strategies and all. The best arborist can add value to the clients as well. Trees are good and you cannot cut it for any reason. Trees can provide you with so many benefits. Trees can provide you with shade and beauty as well. So, you cannot harm them. The tree care companies can treat the whole method of cutting, pruning and caring. The city trees can also save time and money as well. It also saves a lot of energy in the city environment. So, before cutting a tree, you should also check the benefits of these tees and prune it properly by hiring the best arborists.