Deep Root Feeding May be the Most Effective Way You Can Save a Tree

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Most homeowners are unaware of a best practice used to improve the health of dying or sick trees or shrubs called deep root feeding. It is one of the most effective ways to nurture a tree back to health when do-it-yourself strategies are not working.

This tree root feeding treatment uses high-pressure industrial equipment used by professional landscapers to inject a blend of nutrients, organic matter, and other tree root fertilizers into the lifeblood of the tree – the soil immediately around the unhealthy tree’s roots.

Deep root feeding injects fertilizer several inches into the soil around the tree where its feeder roots are located. There is a specific way to inject these nutrients that ensures all parts of the root zone are covered that is best suited to be handled by professionals. A deep root feed will often begin working to improve the health of a tree or shrub anywhere from several weeks to a few months.

Dying Tree with Peeling Bark

Look for signs your tree needs a deep root feeding

Homeowners can tell when a tree’s health is struggling. There are a number of signs that indicate that deep root tree fertilizer may be needed to prevent the tree from dying. They include:

  • Defoliation – if a tree is losing its leaves long before autumn, its health is likely in doubt.
  • Slow or minimal growth – some trees around it might be growing and blooming at a faster rate, signifying a problem with a tree that is not as plush.
  • Smaller and fewer leaves than usual is a sign that a deep root feeding process may be warranted.
  • Leaves changing their color too early in the year – homeowners will often notice an unnatural “scorched” or yellow-brown color appearing on their trees. This is a signthe tree is sick and needs attention.
  • Bark peeling back from the tree, especially near the base, signifies an issue that requires attention.
  • An inordinate number of branches and twigs dropping can be another sign that your tree is sick.

Why deep root tree fertilizer
is better than a DIY option

It may seem that fertilizing your own tree will do the job, but tree root feeding is something that is most effectively completed by professionals. Keep in mind that the type of granular fertilizer available at home and garden retail stores is unlikely to have the long-lasting effects of a deep root tree fertilizer that is applied by a certified tree care expert. In fact, surface fertilizers can actually do more harm than good.

Surface fertilizers are usually applied to the soil surface and then “watered in” using irrigation or rainfall. However, it is unlikely that these surface-applied fertilizers will effectively penetrate the soil down to the tree’s root system. Homeowners may be surprised to learn that lawn grasses often absorb most of the nutrients before the water even reaches the tree’s root zone. A deep root feed has nothing “surface” about it, and instead will transport the nutrients it needs to the tree’s important root zone.

Deep Root Feeding
Soil around tree

One of the benefits of tree root feeding is that it combats the adverse effects of soil compaction. This occurs when there is a high volume of foot traffic or paved areas around or near the tree. The compaction makes it difficult to retain water and results in a low level of nutrients remaining in the soil. By injecting nutrients and organic matter directly into the root zone, deep root feeding loosens the soil providing the necessary nourishment despite foot traffic or any other localized challenges.

Furthermore, the deep root treatment will not be washed away by rain or wind like surface fertilizers that are available to homeowners at retail stores. That runoff will contaminate streams, rivers, lakes, and even wells, damaging the environment. That is never an issue with a professionally applied deep root feeding process.

Rely on the experts
to apply deep root feeding treatment

The team of experienced professionals at Contender’s understands the best way to conduct a deep root tree treatment plan to support any trees or shrubs that may be dying on your property. Tree root feeding is a sophisticated process that can get amazing results, including saving your tree, maintaining the beauty of your yard all year long.

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