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Discover a real difference with Contender’s Lawn Care Services!

  • Our highly skilled team is trained to coach better water usage while providing horticultural recommendations without always selling extra services.
  • Family owned and operated business.
  • Online customer account access linking you directly to your technician’s service notes.
  • Enjoy the consistency of the same technician servicing your needs every time we’re on site.
  • Pre-notification via email before any services are performed.
  • Our team isn’t rewarded for how much work they can do in a day; instead they’re incentivized on their workmanship.
  • Our staff is not only certified through the Michigan Department of Agriculture; many have college degrees and also are Certified Arborists.
  • Professionalism from the first day we’re on the job and throughout the season – we work harder than anyone to make sure you’re getting the best!
  • Highest quality products used in the most professional ways.
  • Our attention to detail can be seen in how we take care of our exceptional 14 truck fleet.

Michigan Lawn Care Service Centered on Excellence

At Contender’s Tree & Lawn Specialists, we create a beautiful experience for our clients. The difference between service companies can vary dramatically based on the staff. Our team is trained from the top down to maintain a continuous level of excellence, always striving to stay ahead of problems. Our goal is to observe and identify serious problems before our clients do.

Once a client has noticed a major problem, it usually involves much more work to turn things around. So yes, it’s important to use high quality products and to also have a team that is professionally licensed, but no other company places more emphasis on training to complete the extreme customer service approach. Everyone wants a beautiful green lawn that is weed free, but when you see the workmanship of others you may notice a lack of attention to detail. What you pay for service is what you will eventually receive. Unlike most companies, we require our technicians to spend time meeting and consulting with their clients to ensure expectations are being met.

Our Lawn Care Services include:
Lawn Fertilization
Lawn Fungicides
Lawn Insects
Organic Fertilizers
Lawn Aeration
Weed Control

6-Step Lawn Fertilization Program

Natural Organic Lawn Program

  • Spring
    Slow release lake-safe organic bio-solids applied along with pre-emergents for crabgrass control
  • Late Spring
    Slow release lake-safe organic bio-solids applied. Spot treatment of weeds is optional.
  • Early Summer
    Slow release Naturesafe Organic fertilizer, highest ranked organic on the market. Spot treatment of weeds is optional.
  • Summer
    Slow release lake-safe organic bio-solids applied. Spot treatment of weeds is optional.
  • Early Fall
    Slow release lake-safe organic bio-solids applied. Spot treatment of weeds is optional.
  • Fall
    Helps improve density and health of lawn so next season is a stronger start

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