Protect Trees & Shrubs From Insect Damage

No plant healthcare program is complete without some form of insect control. As nature constantly demonstrates, it is usually the most beautiful plants that attract insects and pests. We understand how important your plants are to you and appreciate the need to be careful around your property. If you’re tired of messy sprays or having a company show up every week interrupting your activities, you need to reach out to us. We’re that company who gently takes care of the insects without unnecessary visits just to keep our team busy.

Our understanding of insects and our advanced team training makes us far different than the competition. Our goal is to reduce threats and problems from becoming a visual detraction without eliminating all insects. This is a healthier, more balanced strategy so beneficial insects are least affected by our service.

Contender’s is a proud protector of honeybee pollinators.

Honeybee Pollinators

For plants that attract these pollinators, we incorporate the right type of systemic insecticides that have been proven to not affect reproductive plant parts. A rose can be protected from Japanese Beetles feeding on their leaves where the systemic is designed to preserve stem and leaf tissue, allowing for sustainable photosynthesis. The Japanese Beetles may mass on the flowers themselves, yet once they attempt to feed off the leaf tissue, they will ingest the insecticide. This is the only way to ensure bees aren’t directly impacted while also maintaining good control of a devastating insect.

Safeguard your trees and shrubs from harmful insects

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